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Bulkheads and Retaining Walls
We build our bulkheads and retaining walls with high-quality _(material)_ and __(material)__. These structures not only protect your property, but we customize them to blend in with your landscaping
You'll walk with ease and confidence on our well-constructed piers. Each pier is built with durability and strength to last throughout the years.
Help protect your boat with one of our customized boathouses. At TJ's Marine Construction, we use the finest materials available to ensure your boat can weather any storm.
  Boat Lifts
Want to maintain the life of your boat? Our boat lifts are designed to keep your boat in excellent condition. Let us give your boat a lift up from water damage and deterioration.
Boat Ramps
We custom design each boat ramp to meet the individual needs of the customer. We build ramps to accommodate a variety of uses including _(type of ramp)_, ___(type)____ and __(type)______.
Lot Clearing
No task is too big for us! Whether it's cutting down trees, digging trenches or removing debris, we will make sure your lot is clear.
  Equipment Work